Looking ahead

March 18, 2019 -- Sun Region has won the 2019 International Teacher Tour Lottery not once, but TWICE! We will be offering two workshops with Lorna Bates this fall. Additional information will be available after the spring Sun Region Board of Directors' meeting 



Welcome to Sun Region. We are one of 13 regions of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.. Sun Region is home to 14 chapters all of which are located in various areas of Florida. We’d like to encourage you to come and experience the joy of stitching in the sunshine either by joining a chapter or through the guild’s Member-At-Large program. We have stitchers of all levels of expertise and programs covering many techniques of stitching with a threaded needle.

Our Purpose is to ….

…stimulate appreciation for and celebrate the heritage of embroidery by advancing the highest standards of excellence in its practice through education, exhibition, preservation, collection and research.

The latest edition of the Sun News, the region newsletter is available here.