Ways and Means

Support your region while doing your part to advertise EGA!

The “official” Sun Region Boutique remains offline while we update and upgrade our inventory,

In the meantime, Sun Region has become a registered non-profit seller on eBay!

Throughout 2015, longtime EGA members or their families turned to the region to help disperse lifetime stash of embroidery materials that might otherwise have wound up in a general garage sale, a thrift shop, or — worst of all — in the trash. We’ve had several successful “stash sales” but, frankly, we each have (ahem!) mature stashes of our own. So, in the interest of finding good homes for everything, Sun Region has decided to broaden our reach through eBay.

In order to find all the items offered by Sun Region, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the eBay homepage, http://ebay.com
  2. In the upper right corner—to the right of the big “Search” icon/box – click on the word “Advanced”
  3. This will take you to the Advanced Search page (eBay’s primary search is for items, not sellers!)
  4. There’s a column on the left side of the Advanced Search page. It’s divided into three sections, “Items,” Stores,” and “Members.” There’s a “By seller” entry in the “Items” section. It’s a clickable link and brings up the “Items by Seller” inquiry.
  5. Our seller ID is sunregionega . Enter that in the dialog box then click the search button at the bottom of the inquiry.

Our seller ID will not expire and we expect to be selling items for quite a while.